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best adsense alternative for india in 2022

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for 2022 | Google's ad network, Adsense, is a market leader in ad monetization. Almost every successful publisher uses AdSense, or at least starts with it and moves on to Ad Exchange. However, what do you do when you can't use the network to monetize your traffic? Maybe you haven't been approved for AdSense, or you're busy appealing an account ban for invalid click activity, or you want to load your ad stack to increase revenue. Whatever the reason, all is not lost. Adsense may be the leader in the market, but there are many competitors and Google Adsense alternatives that can provide good eCPM and supplement the advertising revenue. We have added our top Adsense alternatives to the list below as used and recommended by our own ad optimization team. Let's take a closer look at each of them. When it comes to making money from your website or blog, it is all about placing ads on your website. If you were asked to name a go-to contextua

How to Increase CPC in AdSense in 2022 New Trick

Friends, if you are a blogger and use AdSense on your blog, then are you also facing the problem of low CPC, then this article is going to be very useful for you. Friends, most bloggers have the same question that how to increase CPC in AdSense because if CPC will increase then only your earnings will increase. Before we discuss some of the special ways how to increase Google AdSense CPC, let us first what is CPC? That is, 'Cost Per Click' is defined only. If you are using Google AdSense on your blog, then you would know that it is from Google's AdWords Network program that the ads come here. Advertisers who use the AdWords Network pay Google for every click they make on their ads. When you put Google AdSense Ad Blocks on your blog, Google is paid by the advertisers for those ads, some percentage of which is done by Google to you. Which is currently 68% of the bid of that ad. If an advertiser pays Google $2 for a specific keyword, you get $1.36 every time a visitor to your

Add Popup Download Button With Ads And Timer In Blogger Post

If your website is on blogger and you create downloadable content. That is, you put any content in which you can download any file, you can download any application. In that, you give a download button but that download button is simple. But in today’s article, I will tell you how you can add a popup download button. In which when the user clicks, a popup will be generated for him and a download button will be given to it. It will also have a timer that will show the download button after the timer is over. By clicking on it the user can download the file. And you can also place ads in it, which will increase the revenue on your blog. In this, you can apply Adsense, which will double your earnings. And if there is a timer in it, then the user will wait on your website for a long time, due to which your article will be easily ranked on Google and on any search engine, which will also increase the traffic on your website. So let’s know how you can add this button to your blogger’s websit

Google AdSense Approval Trick 2022

Google AdSense Approval Trick 2022. Yes friends, today we are going to know all the information about this. If you also have a website or a blog that you want to earn money online by showing advertisements on your blog by getting approved in Google Adsense. But you are facing a lot of problems in getting the approval of Google Adsense. When you apply your website in Google Adsense, then there Adsense rejects your site due to some reason or the other. In this article I am going to guide you step by step along with Google AdSense Approval Kaise le, I am going to tell all of you about AdSense Approval Trick 2022 which if you use then only and within 5 hours you will get Google Get Adsense approval. So if you also want to get your blog or website AdSense Approval as soon as possible. Read this article completely. See, whenever we start a new website, the first and most important thing that our query gives are these. How do we get our website AdSense approval because when it gets its fruit.