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Adsense Approval Guide For Beginners 2022 [New Method]

If you want to make money from your blog with adesnse then you should know about Adsense Approval Guide For Beginners 2022

If you had created an Adsense account for your blog and submitted your blog for approval then after a few days your AdSense got disapproved then you applied again. So this is a simple thing, many times our blog does not get approval even though everything is fine and we apply continuously four to five times, then approval is received in the last but it does not happen in every situation. When your blog or website is ignoring the terms and conditions of AdSense and you are constantly being reapplied without meaning, then in this situation your Adsense may be suspended without approval. Google Adsense Approval Trick 2022

Why Adsense Approval is not available

Many times, despite everything being fine on our blog, the approval of Adsense is not received, so in such a situation, we should continue working on our site and reply again after a gap of a few days. And this situation comes when our site is new and there is no traffic on our site, then even after everything is fine, we do not get the approval of Adsense soon.

Now we will understand below some special and important things that we have to implement on our blog before applying Adsense, by the way, about the google Adsense approval trick we are going to tell you, Adsense has not officially written anywhere but approval. All these things must be on your blog to be taken.

Google Adsense Approval Trick 2022

It is necessary to have pages on the blog

When we create a new blog, the first thing there is to create four pages about us, contact us, privacy policy, term conditions Only after creating these 4 pages do we start writing articles on our blog and so on. Need too.

If you apply for AdSense without these four pages then you will never get approval, in these pages, we create an about and contact page by ourselves, the rest 2 pages are privacy policy and term conditions you create through any online tool can. Google Adsense Approval Trick 2022

Keep in mind that while creating the about us page, you have to give good information about yourself and your business because through this page Google or your visitors get information about you, here is a guide. How to Create About Us Page for Blog

Buy top-level domain only

You should choose top-level domain like .com, .in, .net etc. Do not use a free domain or subdomain, in this case, you will find it difficult to get google AdSense approval.

If you are making a blog on Blogger, then my advice would be not to use the free domain of Bloxport, but buy a custom domain and add it.


Traffic is considered important in the Adsense approval trick because when traffic is coming to your site, your web pages are ranking in the search engine, then you get the approval of Adsense within 12 to 24 hours.

Although Adsense approval is obtained without traffic, if you have organic traffic on your site, then your chances of getting approved increase to 99 percent.

High-Quality Content

High-quality content means that one must have at least a thousand words in your article and if it is more then it is even better. And in the Adsense approval trick, quality content has been given the most importance. Second, your article should be such that anyone who comes to that article, stays for a while to read it, that is, read it, lest it comes and goes back immediately.

When visitors come to your site and your article has power, that is, it is useful, then visitors stay on your site for a long time and this reduces the bounce rate of your site. So this sends a message to Google that people are benefiting from the article you have written, then Google brings your pages higher in the search engine, and then the traffic on your site starts increasing gradually, and then You also get the approval of Adsense very soon.

If you write an article below 300 words, then your article will never be liked in the search engine because Google will consider this article as incomplete information, then you write an article of 500, 700 or 1000 words above 300 words. And if possible, write an article with more than a thousand words, if you want, you can write an article of 15 hundred, 2000 or 3000 words, because only the article with the maximum number of words ranks at the top in the search engine.

Do not copy-paste

This is also an important topic in Adsense approval trick that write the article yourself, do not copy-paste from any other website, even design the image yourself or else for this. There are many such sites from where you will get free images to use in your blog posts.

If you use copy material i.e. steal other’s content, then neither your pages will rank in search engine nor you will get the approval of Adsense. Because Google has such a tool by which it finds out in seconds whether the content on your site is unique or has been stolen from somewhere.

You will find many rewriter tools in the market so that you can create your own article by rewriting other’s content in seconds, but Google gets to know that too, so do not take shortcuts of this method, if you want to write an SEO-Friendly blog.

How old is your blog

For the approval of Adsense, the age of our blog or domain also matters a lot, although new and new blogs have also been seen getting Adsense approval, if your blog is a bit old, then the chances of getting approval become more. You put in approval for Adsense only after 2 to 3 months or 4 months after creating your new blog, till then you keep working and even after giving approval, your work should continue.

If possible, if traffic starts coming to your site, then only put it for approval, even if you get approval before that, then you will not earn because traffic is earned only. And when the traffic starts coming, it will give you Adsense approval because it also earns Adsense, he also wants more and more websites to get approval from him so that along with the creator, they can also earn.

Sufficient Contents

Sufficient Contents means enough content, although Google has not officially written anywhere that how much content should be on your site for Adsense approval but it is believed that if you write an article of 1000 words then Adsense approval For this you should have at least 20 such articles on your site.

By the way, you can write an article ranging from 300 words to 400, 500 words, but you are writing this article not only for Adsense Approval but also because it ranks in the search engine, so more and more words in the article. Try to put You can get the approval of Adsense by writing 40 to 45 articles of three hundred words, but if you write 15 to 20 articles of 1000 words then you will get the approval of Adsense and that article will also rank in the search engine. Google Adsense Approval Trick 2022

Illegal content

If you have written articles related to hacking, gambling, drug abuse, etc. in your blog, then Google does not like this type of content at all, after removing them, put them for Adsense approval.

Do not use other ad networks

If you are thinking of applying for Adsense and you have placed an ad for any other ad network on your blog, then first remove it and then apply for Adsense.

After getting the approval of Adsense, there are some ad networks that AdSense supports, you can use them together but while applying, remove any ad from your side. While applying for Adsense, your site should be very clean and there should not be any kind of ad already installed, not even an affiliate ad or link.

Create User-Friendly Blog

Your blog should be user-friendly and mobile-friendly so that anyone can easily read your blog by opening it on their mobile.

While designing the blog, do not put too many random things, this will increase your blog loading speed and Google does not like it at all. Add as many images as you need and compress them to minimize the size so that your blog does not take much time to load.


There are some local languages that Google does not support, while applying for Adsense, you must open the list of languages and see whether the language in which you are writing your blog is in the list of Adsense or not.

It should not happen that you have chosen a language that Google does not support, then in such a situation you will not even get the approval of Adsense and all your hard work will also go in vain. If you want to know which languages Google supports, then clicking here will open a new page where all the languages listed by Google will be shown.


You can put only the required number of images in your article, that is, one to two or at most three, even if you put too many images, you may have difficulty in getting the approval of Adsense. While entering the image, you must enter the ALT tag because Google is not able to read your image, it brings your image in the search only with the help of the alt tag inserted in the image.

Don’t buy visitors

Until you get the approval of Adsense, do not do paid promotion for your site, that is, do not buy traffic by investing money because Google will find out whether the traffic on your site is organic or is it coming from social sharing. Used to be. If you are getting paid traffic on your site, then you will find it difficult to get AdSense approval. By the way, even after getting approval, it is better not to buy traffic because in such a situation the chances of invalid clicks increase.

Try to get organic traffic to your site because organic traffic is very strong and Google likes it very much and in such a situation, you get an approval immediately.

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