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What is a CDN, why is it important for a blog or website?

Do you know what is CDN? And how important is it for a website? If you are a blogger or want to make a career in the field of blogging, then understanding CDN becomes very important for you.

Because loading speed matters a lot for any website. That's why the world's top SEO experts and top speed checking tools such as GTmetrix, Pingdom, and Google Pagespeed also recommend using a CDN for any blog/website. Because CDN plays a very important role in slow and fast loading. 

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CDN is very important to increase the speed of any website. If you have heard the name of CDN somewhere before but you do not know about it then don't worry, I will give you complete information about what is CDN in simple words. So that all the doubts related to your CDN are cleared.

What is CDN?

The full form of CDN is the Content Delivery Network. Whose main task is to increase the loading speed of any blog/website. The most important thing about your blog or website is its loading speed.

This means that if a user wants to see your blog or website in their browser, then in how much time your blog will appear in the user's browser, if your blog is taking a lot of time to load in the user's browser, then this will help you. The chances of getting visitors to the blog are very less. To avoid this problem, bloggers use CDN.

Let us understand CDN with an example

You are running your website or blog sitting in India and all the data of our website is stored on this server,  and if a  visitor from America or any other country visits our website, then in such a situation the data will not be accessible to him. It will take time, due to which the website loading time will increase.

But if you connect your website or blog to CDN, then a copy of the content of our website will be created on the server of America or that country. 

By connecting to the CDN, from whichever country the traffic will come to your website/blog, a copy of the website/blog will be created on the server of the same location. Due to this, its data will reach everywhere without slowing down the speed of our website.

How does a CDN work?

You must have understood what CDN is, now you know how CDN works. Generally, whenever visitors come to your blog, they are redirected to the web hosting server of your blog. Your web hosting server is located in a central location, so whenever visitors come to your website, users will access your website content from the same web hosting server.

There is only one web hosting server on any website or blog. So all the visitors of your site reach your website from the same server. So if there are more visitors to your site then your server will be overloaded and will slow down the loading speed of your site otherwise your server may crash.

This is the situation where CDN plays its main role as CDN is a network of servers whose servers are spread all over the world. So if you use CDN for your blog then all your content gets stored on all the servers of CDN. 

So whenever users visit your site, the technology of CDN connects to the server closest to that user's location so that users can access your site quickly and easily.

It is very important to use a CDN to increase the loading speed of your website and to load images and videos quickly for other web content. As soon as you use CDN in your blog, your site speed increases very fast and provides a better experience to your users.

Why is CDN necessary for a blog?

What is CDN and why CDN is necessary for a blog or website, if you do not use CDN on your site and when a user comes to your website, they visit the site through your web host's server? In such a situation, if the traffic of your website increases too much then your server may be overloaded and your site will be slow. Even the server can crash.

But when you use a CDN on your site, it creates a cached version of your site on your site's servers (Images, CSS Files, Java Scripts, Flash, etc.) and sends users through those servers. Provides content. Which is closest to the user's location. It reduces your server load and improves website loading speed.

Also if you pay extra for bandwidth, it also reduces your bandwidth expenditure.

What are the benefits of CDN?

After reading the above information you must have clearly understood what is CDN and why it is necessary for any blog or website? Some of the benefits of using a CDN are mentioned below:-

  • If your website has a lot of high traffic, you can use a CDN to prevent your website from going downtime and slowing down to a great extent.
  • It improves the loading speed of your site. And we all know that Google uses website loading speed as a ranking factor. So your site will load faster then you will get a good rank in Google Search Results.
  • It reduces your web hosting server load and prevents your site from crashing. Instead of providing content to visitors through the main server, it provides the content to visitors through servers located around the world that are closest to the visitor's location.
  • If you pay for bandwidth separately, you can reduce bandwidth costs by using a CDN.

Does a CDN require hosting?

There are many new bloggers who often ask this question - "Do I need to buy web hosting for CDN?" So the answer would be - yes

Because a CDN creates the Cache Version (of Images, CSS Style Sheet, and Java Scripts Files) of your website and stores it on its server. But apart from this, you still need the main server to host the website. Because CDNs are primarily designed to enhance site performance.

Which CDN is better?

There are many free and paid services in the market that provide CDN for your website. You can use any company's CDN services for your website. Below is a list of some popular CDN provider companies.

Best CDN Provider

  • Zenlayer CDN
  • MaxCDN
  • Cloudflare 
  • Google LLC
  • Amazon Cloudfront 
  • KeyCDN

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