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How to Increase CPC in AdSense in 2022 New Trick

Friends, if you are a blogger and use AdSense on your blog, then are you also facing the problem of low CPC, then this article is going to be very useful for you. Friends, most bloggers have the same question that how to increase CPC in AdSense because if CPC will increase then only your earnings will increase.

Before we discuss some of the special ways how to increase Google AdSense CPC, let us first what is CPC? That is, 'Cost Per Click' is defined only. If you are using Google AdSense on your blog, then you would know that it is from Google's AdWords Network program that the ads come here. Advertisers who use the AdWords Network pay Google for every click they make on their ads.

When you put Google AdSense Ad Blocks on your blog, Google is paid by the advertisers for those ads, some percentage of which is done by Google to you. Which is currently 68% of the bid of that ad. If an advertiser pays Google $2 for a specific keyword, you get $1.36 every time a visitor to your site clicks on that ad.

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How to Increase CPC in AdSense in 2022

To increase Google AdSense CPC, you have to maximize the CPC cost to earn more, so that the visitors who click on the advertisement of your web pages and blog posts and you can earn the most money. For this, Google will have to place advertisements with high CPC on your web pages. But you cannot decide it yourself - because Google decides it keeping in mind your web page/blog.

Keeping Google AdSense CPC in mind, here we focus on two points: CPC and CTR (Click Through Rate) - What is CTR here? CTR is the proportion of visitors who actually click on an ad instead of just reading the web pages and bypassing the ads. In fact, high CTR is often considered better than high CPC.

Let's understand this in this way if you are getting CPC of $0.75 on an ad and CTR is 2% on it, i.e. 2 clicks in 100 impressions (100 X 2/100 = 2%) then here earning is $1.5 i.e. $15 in 1000 impressions (You will get 68% off $15 = $10.20), but if you are getting CPC $1.20 on an ad and there CTR is 1%. So in that case with the same calculation, your earnings would be only $8.16. That's why high CTR matters more, not just high CPC, it is a matter to be understood.

1. Get High-Quality Traffic

This is one of the most effective ways to increase CPC in AdSense. But most people don't mention it. I believe that if your visitors are not properly focused on your content, they will not click on the ads related to it either.

Many people use AdSense on their sites with the assumption that Google will serve ads related to their content. This is true to some extent but it will not change your CPC, yes your CTR certainly will.

Google AdSense uses a number of metrics for CPC to know which web pages get the most paying clicks, and which ads will have a good CTR for those web pages. The higher the CTR of the URL, the more CPC that page is likely to get.

Google's AdSense customers are advertisers for whom Google makes every effort to provide these paying advertisers good value for their money. If one of your blog posts does not get visitors, then it can reduce your CTR.

The content of your web page is extremely important to be relevant to an ad targeting a keyword, and it's also important that your visitors have enough interest in that topic to seriously click on the ad.

Because Google has its own way of analyzing your site's performance, you may experience a reduction in high CPC advertising on your pages. So make sure that the traffic coming to your blog or website is good.

2. Pay attention to Keyword Research

Here is another way how to increase AdSense CPC. You should focus on the highest-paying keywords. For this, how Google AdWords works, understand on which keywords advertisers bid more. The higher the CPC for specific keywords, the more likely their ad will appear in Google SERPs.

Your H1 tag and meta tag should include the targeted keyword for AdSense SEO. The content of your web page should be related to the targeted keyword, and the images you use should use 'alt tag'. Use targeted keywords through high-paying ads for high AdSense CPC. However, the authority of your domain also matters for this.

3. Increase Domain Authority

Google is very smart, it takes into account the authority of your entire domain. So you cannot write content on a wide variety of topics and also cannot expect to receive relevant advertisements from it. Google will look at the authority of your site and the relevance of your website to keywords with high CPC. Only a site with a high domain authority can be rewarded with an ad with a high CPC, as Google takes care of its advertisers.

So be realistic to increase your income from AdSense, because Google will not give you high CPC ads unless it is sure that your blog provides a good service to its customers. Which attracts high-quality clicks from visitors who are actually interested in the product or service.

4. Number of Ad Blocks with Length of Content

You are allowed to place three AdSense blocks on your webpage. However, don't use all three unless your content or blog posts are good enough for it. Keep in mind that Google divides ads according to the length of your content.

If your content is insufficient to provide enough information for three ad blocks according to the Google algorithm, you may find your webpage containing irrelevant advertisements and even some public advertisements. Which will significantly reduce your Average CPC. Many people get better results with just one ad block on low-content web pages.

5. Analyze your ad placements

You can place ads anywhere on the top, middle, and bottom of your webpage. Google usually provides you the highest paying ads. Keep in mind that your theme is designed according to AdSense, if it is not, contact your theme developer.

To increase your AdSense CPC, you should also pay attention to the Ads Format. Not only with one Ads Format, run different formats for a few days. In theory, your CPC should be better with just one. You can design your AdSense Format like this:-

  1. Block of 4 with a single header ad
  2. One video ad and one text ad
  3. Only one ad at the end of the post and one ad at the beginning
  4. View results of various AdSense Ads placement locations

If you find the internal ads in the post performing well despite you using the header ad, this tells you that readers are going deeper into your blog before clicking on the ad. Many people avoid clicking on header ads because they want to get information from the first post. Once they've read your blog post, they may be ready to click on ads.

6. Use AdSense Channels to Increase AdSense CPC

You can set up your ad format using AdSense channels. You can create custom channels to establish the CPC and CTR of individual ad blocks. Measure the performance of each channel over a period of 2-4 weeks and then build your AdSense strategy on the results. Channels can be created for individual ads or ad blocks.

7. Text, Image, and Video AdSense Ads

Keep in mind during your testing and custom channel analysis that some people prefer text ads over image ads, and some prefer video ads. Many people expect that AdSense ads will be in the form of text links. However, they can click on one image and click on even more to watch an interesting video.

Google classifies videos as image ads - when a video is clicked to 'play' your one click is recorded. It doesn't require the entire video to be played - just the initial click on the play button. You don't have to worry about what your visitors do after they click because that's all you get paid.

8. Why Google Recommends Image and Video Ads

You can only show one image or video ad at a time - you can't display a line of image ads like you can text ads. It focuses your visitor's attention on an ad.

This means that video ads and image ads are more likely to be clicked on. Such ads pay more per click than simple text ads - but only if the content of the video or image closely matches the content of your webpage.

9. Improve AdSense CTR to earn more

We told you that your AdSense Click Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of visitors to your web page who click on AdSense Ads. So, if you have 20,000 visitors per month, and you get 40 clicks on Adsense ads, your CTR is 0.2%. If you get 500 clicks on ads, your CTR is 2.5%. Irrespective of the CPC, you want your CTR to be as high as possible.

We gave you some examples at the beginning of the blog post, and here are some more. If the Average CPC paid to you by Google is 40c, then you would have a monthly income of $16 and $200 as in the above example. If you increase your CPC to 80c, you can earn $32 to $400 every month. The higher your CTR, the better it is for you.

FAQs related to Increase Google AdSense CPC?

Q:- How much does AdSense pay per 1000 clicks?

A:- If you have 1000 visitors to your blog, and your CTR is 1%, it means that you have 1 click for every 100 visitors and 10 clicks per 1000 visitors. So you will get $17 per 1000 visitors. But in developing countries the average cost you get from your content can be $4 to $6 per 1000 visitors.

Q:- How do I block Low CPC ads on Adsense?

A:- You click on the "Advertiser URL" menu and enter the full URL of any site that does bad advertising with low CPC. Click the "Block URL" button to block these URLs.

Q:- What is a good CPC for AdSense?

A:- Insurance gives the highest CPC, with an average CPC of $17.55. All types of insurance including health, home, auto, and life insurance are covered under this Niche.

Q:- What is the Google AdSense CPC rate in India?

A:- Average CPC in India is $O.4 and CTR is 1.64%.

Q:- Why did my CPC go low?

A:- Changes in Quality Score which are always fluctuating. If your Quality Score increases, your CPC will decrease, or your impression rate will increase. If your Quality Score is low, your CPC may increase, or your impression rate may drop.

Q:- How can I earn $100 per day on AdSense?

A:- To earn $100 per day you need 40,000 impressions/day or, 400 clicks a day @ 1% CTR and $0.25 CPC. For 40,000 page views, you have to write 500 quality articles on your website.

Q:- Does AdSense Per View pay?

A:- AdSense does not pay based on the views of an ad, instead, they use the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) payment system. Whenever someone in your audience clicks on one of Google AdSense's targeted ads, you receive a portion of the payment.

Q:- How much do bloggers earn per 1000 views?

A:- 1000 page views means you are getting an average of 5 clicks per day. Therefore, 5 clicks per day = 150 clicks per month. So if Cost-Per-Click is $0.20, it becomes $30 per month for 150 clicks.

Q:- How can I get a High CPC Keyword?

A: - For this you use Long Tail keywords which have high search volume, you can use Keyword Research Tool.

Q:- How much does pay per 1,000 impressions?

A:- usually pays around $5/1,000, which is pretty good. You can typically run 3 ads per page, which means that if you have 334 page views, that's about 1,000 impressions.

Q: - Is Ezoic better than AdSense?

A:- Yes, Ezoic is better than AdSense in earning on the blog.

Q: - Which Niche is best for AdSense?

A:- Insurance tops the list of most profitable for AdSense. Additionally online education, legal, internet and telecommunications, online banking, cryptocurrency, home, and garden, etc.

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