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What is Domain Authority? Complete information on DA

Do you want to know what is Domain Authority then this post is for you? We have given Complete information on DA in this post

Do you want to know what is Domain Authority then this post is for you? Thousands of new websites are created every day on the Internet, and the creators of all these websites keep trying day and night how their websites should come in front of people in the world of the internet and make their own identity.

By adopting many methods, bloggers keep moving forward slowly, they have only one goal that makes their website place at the top of Google’s page. There are many such websites on the internet, but only a few of them are more popular.

All the bloggers who are there, also know about SEO and its related terms like backlinks, Google page rank, etc. Using this they can bring their website to a good rank on search engines so that traffic to their site. And they will be able to make a good income through it.

All the terms related to SEO are very important to give a good rank to the site and one of them is Domain Authority which very few people know about, and this is also very important for the blog if we do not pay attention to it. Your site’s position on Google’s page will have a very strong impact.

What is Domain Authority in SEO

Domain Authority, which we call DA in short term, is a metric created by Moz company whose purpose is to give ratings of websites within 1-100. DA is a very important factor of SEO which shows the website how well it ranks on the search engine.

So the higher the Domain Authority of your website, the higher will be its ranking in the search engine and the more strong traffic your site will get. The DA of different websites is also different. The DA of that blog who has started his new blog stays within 10-20 after some three months. As your domain gets older, its DA will increase.

The higher the DA, the more will be the profit in organic traffic. But here the question arises how can we find out the DA of our blog. So let’s know about it too.

How to check Domain Authority?

Many tools are available on the internet, using which you can know the domain authority of your website. But we will use the best domain authority checker tool and Moz Open Site Explorer is a very good tool where when you write the domain address of your site, this tool will show you your latest DA score.

No one knows on what basis the domain authority rank of a website is given. This is known only to the Moz company who invented it. Moz’s system checks 40 different factors to rank a particular domain, such as how old your domain is, how many links are linked to your site, how many high DA websites you are getting links from, etc. By doing the same, Moz checks 40 factors to give the team rank.

The DA of a website is never constant, either it increases or decreases. If the DA of your website is increasing then it will prove to be very beneficial for you, if the DA is decreasing then it is a very bad sign. For this, you need to increase the DA of your blog more. but how? Let’s know.

How to improve the Domain Authority of the Blog?

Increasing the domain authority of your blog simply means increasing the chances of getting a high rank on the search engine. Increasing the domain authority, proves to be most beneficial, to those links which are coming to your site from the site whose DA rank is good and high.

That’s why a blogger should pay more attention to link building. You can improve the DA of your blog by following the points given below.

Link building

Link building is a big reason behind increasing DA. Try to get as many backlinks as possible and keep one thing in mind you get all those links from quality sites. If you get those links from low-quality websites, then it will take a lot of time for your DA to grow.

Strengthen Interlinking

Interlinking means linking the page of your own blog with another page. People too, will post a new article on your blog, remember that every post should be linked with 2-3 other old posts of your blog which have been ranked high on the page of Google search engine.

By doing this, the link juice is passed from the old post to the new post, and the chances of getting more visitors to that post increase. Due to this the chances of increasing DA also increase.


Comment on other blogs or forums related to the niche of your blog, by doing this we get do-follow links so that readers coming to other blogs and forums start coming to your blog as well. This will gradually increase the popularity of your blog and along with that DA will also automatically increase.

Increase the process of website opening

The sooner your website opens in the browser, the more visitors will like to come to your site. The same website gets a high ranking on Google’s search engine page, whose site does not take much time to load. Therefore, it is very important for a blogger to pay attention to the load time of his site.

Social media marketing

Social media is very beneficial to rank the content of our site. We get referral traffic from social media and also increase the brand value of the site.

This is the best way to rank your website on Google’s page and to reach your knowledge maximum audience. The more people who like your writing, the more your fan followers will increase. And it will also have a direct effect on your domain authority.

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