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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

Here is a list of some Best Affiliate Marketing programs in India, These approved Affiliate Platforms are capable of doubling your income.

What is affiliate marketing programs?

Affiliate program are online marketing platforms, where the owner of a product uses a third party to reach his customers. Marketing process of this nature involves commission by recommending the quality of the product to others on his blog or any social media platform. To earn, allows to promote the sale of the product.

In these types of marketing platforms, publishers of affiliate products earn money by selling others' products online without their own products. Simply put, affiliate products are sold to visitors by sharing affiliate links through blogs or social media platforms. Customers are referred to as those Affiliate Marketing Platforms.

If a publisher is able to convert an individual into a buyer through such efforts, the approved publisher earns a commission as a reward for each sale. This type of earning is a good source of online income.

How does Affiliate Program work?

Before joining any affiliate marketing program it is important to understand how it works. All types of approved program have the same objective, to make additional sales and profit from any product.

These programs are primarily designed for use by businesses or merchant sites as publications or advertisements for Third-Party sites. Not all approved programs operate based on the same process. You may even have to wait a while for some affiliate programs to be approved. Again, there are some approved programs for which you can get approved immediately. Some authorized programs are very easy to use, and some are easy to use. It takes some time.

How to work with Affiliate Program? - Let us now try to understand how you have to work with Best Affiliate Marketing Platform program. In this case, first you have to decide the best niche or topic for affiliate marketing. After that, you'll need to sign up with a better approved program. After that, you can earn money by posting the given link through that approved program on your blog post or other social media platform.

Best Affiliate Network Programs and Marketing Platforms.

There are many approved programs in India that will ensure you the best performance and best monetization. They have a major share in the Indian market. The top rated e-marketplaces among them are Amazon and Flipkart.

Below is a list of some Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in India, These approved Affiliate Platforms are capable of doubling your income. So you should join these approved programs soon to increase your income further.

1). Amazon Associates program   

Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world. To do affiliate marketing with the Amazon affiliate platform, you must have an Amazon account. If you don't have an Amazon account, you can easily create one and sign up for Amazon Affiliate.

After signing up for the affiliate program, you will get an advanced feature called SiteStripe to create product links which will magically create an affiliate link for your chosen product. After this, all you need to do is publish these links with your blog post.

2). Flipkart Affiliate program.

“Flipkart” is one of the best e-marketing platform in India. They have enough product stock for affiliate camping which can make it really attractive to the customers. Better tracking system, always on time commission payment and prompt support has made it made more acceptable.

To make your campaign for Flipkart Affiliate Program more efficient, there are a variety of tools available. Like: Banners, Widgets or Creating a Featured List on Your Site, etc. You can use the API to access the features of Flipkart.

3). Cuelinks.

'Cuelinks' It is an India based Affiliate Marketing Platform. With this, you can earn money as a sales partner in the form of commission. 'cuelink' is also a marketing merchant site like Amazon and Flipkart.

It is easy to setup, which only takes a few minutes, works for both bloggers and affiliate marketers. If you are a blogger then you can earn commission with your blog using 'blog' platform. If you want to become an Affiliate Marketer & nbsp;, you can promote merchant links on your social media platforms with 'cuelink' and earn money.

4). Rakuten Marketing.

Rakuten is one of the leading Affiliate Marketing Service Provider Platform. It is the largest paid, performance-based affiliate marketing network. For different publishers and their better performance, 'Rakuten' also provides some tutorials, which help in doubling your commission earning.

What is Affiliate Marketing and how to earn money from it?

It allows you to monetize your content including your link text, banners with rotating feature, search box. It offers a fixed weekly payment system at a minimum threshold level.

5). Shopify Affiliate Program.

Shopify Affiliate Programe is one of the best Affiliate Marketing Platform at the moment. It is widely popular across the world and has gained a great credibility in the field of internet. 

Basically with this platform, you will earn by promoting the Shopify platform.
Along with creating an account on this Affiliates platform, you will get a special link to blog or promote on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. When a customer signs up for Shopify through this link, you will earn.

Shopify has the most basic plan at $29. Shopify Affiliates earn up to $58 for every $29 plan customers purchase. This is an even better plan that goes up to $299. Also pre-sale commissions will get you 200% of the subscription fee paid by the customer every time. If you work with your passion on the Shopify platform then you can earn a really decent amount of money.

6). Reseller Club Affiliate program.

ResellerClub is the largest reseller hosting company in India. By joining these affiliate marketing platforms, you can earn through minimum 2,000 and maximum 8,000 per referral. When you sign-up for its Affiliate program, it will provide you with a unique affiliate ID. Using this ID you can manage your account and track your performance.

Its tracking cookie is counted on a last-click basis. Cookies record is valid for the next 60 days. 

7). vCommission Affiliate program. 

vCommission is India's fastest growing Affiliate Network. vCommission is India's first International CPA Network to display ads across the globe, in the digital advertising industry. Helps take you to another level.

It helps advertisers and publishers to choose the right offers as per their wish. vCommission is one of the first digitally recognized digital network in India. It is an open platform for publishers and advertisers across the world.

8). Optimize Affiliate Network.

If you like to earn more money from online source, then Optimize Affiliate Marketing Network Platform is a good and reliable platform. They include most of the world famous brands and popular products on their platform.

For newbies, it is very easy to get started and work with. It will pay your earned commission on time in your chosen currency. It also provides advice and support when needed. Full visible dashboard showing always real time results on sales and commissions.

9). Sovrn Commerce.

Sovrn Commerce is a powerful Content Monetization and Affiliate Marketing Network Platform. Using this platform, you can earn commission by promoting the product through your website or blog. When you start using Sovrn Commerce, you do not need to monetize the content. 

Because this platform automatically monetizes the URL. Using this, you can monetize your URLs in your social media accounts as well. So, did you look forward to earning lucrative commissions with your website or blog, with Sovrn Commerce?

10). Admitad Advertise program.

'Admitad' is a globally authorized  affiliate  network organization. It connects publishers with many renowned brands across the globe. 'Admitad' works with renowned brands in India like Samsung, Tata Cliq, Bata, Myntra. 

It allows publishers to monetize your content with social media such as YouTube channels, Telegram, email newsletters, and many other online traffic sources. It provides a variety of business models for monetizing publisher's content, including affiliates. Advertisements, coupons, promo codes and banner ads etc. are included.

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