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Google Adsense Safety Tips, And How To Protect From Suspend?

you always have this fear that your Google Adsense account may not get suspended. in this post I will tell you some adsense safety tips.

Best Tips Google Adsense Safety: Friends, if you do Earn from Google Adsense, then you always have this fear that your Google Adsense account may not get suspended. Friends should also be there, if it happens, then there is a lot of tension after that. If you have taken payment from AdSense, then you may have to wait a lot for AdSense and your AdSense may have been suspended forever.

Best Tips Google Adsense Safety

Friends, always keep one thing in mind, google will always favor the advertiser and if the advertiser complains, then he will be listened to because Google gets money from them first. And it is the duty of google to reach the advertiser ads to the right person at the right time.

What to do now is how AdSense will be enabled again. The one whose AdSense has been suspended also has many options, we will talk about those options later, now friends, we are going to tell you some things that you should always keep in mind your AdSense will always be safe. So let's go. Best Tips How to Google Adsense Safety.

Do not ask yourself or your friends to click on ads on your Google Adsense ads.

You should never click on your ads, even if your earnings are negligible, but you should never click on the ads of your website or blog on your own or your friend's or home's mobile or computer, Google is so smart that it catches Then your risk will start. If Adsense is suspended from Invalid Click then it is difficult to get Adsense again.

Do not discuss your website or blog with friends, and do not ask them to open a woolen website or blog, I have seen friends sometimes become the reason for suspending your Google Adsense. Never ask them to click on ads, friends include your house and relatives. This is also one of the best tips for Google Adsense Safety.

Do not share your link on apps like WhatsApp.

Avoid sharing on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Signal, and Facebook, you understand my point carefully and why I am considering it so important. Friends, when you use them on your website or blog and share the URL for the purpose of getting traffic to your website. So these people are only your friends and friends or relatives. So the question becomes that then should we not use it. No, if you want to use it, then do it in another way, you know.

You can get traffic from WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and Facebook and it is also a good way. But you should create a group with the name of your website, make a Facebook page, make a telegram channel, and do it through it and not from your personal account. By doing this the value of your website or blog increases.

Do not use any software for website traffic.

Friends, this happens many times. In order to bring traffic to the website, you start looking for any software, and then you search for it on Youtube or google, to find content to generate free traffic. And gets it too. Because everything is there, something will definitely be found on the internet. That's where you make a mistake. and uses it. Google spends its advertiser's money very carefully. And then you come somewhere in the eyes of Google. Then your account is suspended Permanently. The recovery possibility of such an account is negligible. So work hard and stay away from such things. This is also one of the best tips for Google Adsense Safety.

Pay attention to the number of ads.

Friends, you have to show the maximum number of ads on a page on your website or blog, my advice would be to carefully use the auto ads code of Google Adsense. He automatically places the ads in the right place.

Talking about Google AdSense, there is no hard and fast rule for this, then it is advised to show 3 ads in one page. If 3 to 5 ads are showing on your page, then it does not matter, but you should keep in mind that the experience of the users of your website should be correct, otherwise the users on the website may start decreasing or new users may decrease. Will be And the bounce rate of your website will be higher. This is also one of the best tips for Google Adsense Safety.

Keep paying attention to the Page CTR and Impression CTR of Google Adsense.

Friends, understand carefully what I am going to discuss about this, when your website is new and AdSense is also new then both your Page CTR and Impression CTR can be more visible. But there is nothing to be worried about. On the new website, if 200 page views have been clicked on 10 ads or more in use, your CTR will be more than 5%.

Friends, if traffic is coming to your website and the page view is also good, then your Page CTR and Impression CTR should be less than 2%. But if your CTR is coming more, maybe invalid clicks are coming then you should be alert. Now it is not even that one day 4% starts appearing, then you should be worried, see if it is becoming a regular problem, then you can inform Adsense. With this, if your invalid clicks on Adsense, then they will understand your problem and your account will be safe.

Google Adsense keeps auditing every click, if it is not your mistake then your account is not suspended. Still, it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe. This is also one of the best tips for Google Adsense Safety.

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