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What is eSIM? How To activate it and eSIM benefits.

Today we will talk about e-SIM. What is this? How does it work? How can you use it? What are the disadvantages eSIM

Hello friends, if you have a mobile, you must know about SIM. SIM card is a subscriber identification module. Through which we can use the facilities like call, internet from our mobile phone. You must have heard the name SIM in the internet world. E-SIM has been in a lot of discussions for some time now. You must have also heard the name of E-SIM.

Today we will talk about e-SIM. What is this? How does it work? How can you use it? What are the disadvantages of this? You will know the answer to all the questions in this post of ours.

What is e-SIM?

First of all, you would like to know what e-SIM is. So friends, let me tell you that this is an embedded sim only. Which is already a programmable e-SIM in our device. Which we also call virtual sim. In this, we do not need any kind of hardware SIM card. And no connector end tray is required to connect it. This SIM does not require any space in the mobile. End mobile device design becomes easy and straightforward. Any user can change his operator without changing any SIM card in it.

History Of eSIM

By the way, the talk of this SIM was going on since 2010. But at first, this plan got canceled due to the mind of some companies. And after that, the possibility of skiing will be done. Then again in 2016, companies like Samsung and Motorola decided to become e-SIM. And also built it into some devices. Still many people know about SIM. But if they are asked what is an e-sim? So most people still do not know about E-SIM.

First of all, we saw the standard sim in our mobiles. As this time changed, the mini-sim started coming. Then came micro sims. And now in most mobiles, you will get to see Nano-SIM only. Talking about the future, this e-SIM is its future. In the coming times, all mobile phones will be e-SIM based.

How does e-sim work?

When we buy a new e-sim phone. So the e-SIM present in it is entirely empty. Which has no connection with any operator. To activate it, we have to contact any service provider like Airtel, or Jio. The service provider allows us to scan a QR code. The e-SIM present in the phone gets activated as soon as it is scanned. And this process takes almost 1 hour.

To activate this sim, we have to first see this. Which service provider's sim do we have? Because the service of e-SIM is currently being provided only by Jio and Airtel. If we are users of any other service provider then we have to port our sim to airtel or Jio first. If you do not want to port your number now, then you can also buy a new number.

If you are a customer of Airtel and Jio, then to convert to e-SIM, you have to type SMS  eSIM <> registered email id and send it to 121. After this, you will receive a confirmation message. Do you want to convert your sim to it? I will tell you the answer yes or no. After this, a QR code will come on our email ID, by scanning the QR code we can activate our e-SIM.

What are the benefits of e-SIM?

  • Space Saving: Through this, we do not need any extra space in the mobile.
  • Battery Saving: It is very good at saving batteries. This works without any hardware cost or battery.
  • Fear of losing: There is no fear of losing it as it is a virtual sim. Which has no hardware.
  • Better Security: Maximum experts say that this is a good and secure option.

What are the disadvantages of eSIM?

  • When our mobile is down, we will not be able to use it by taking out our SIM and putting it in another mobile.
  • Yes, we won't be able to change our operator any time soon.
  • To activate the e-SIM, it is necessary to contact the operator. Only then we will be able to activate it with a user id and password.

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