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Blogging: What is a blog and how many types are there?

Ever since people have come to know that one can earn money by creating a blog. And publishing articles on it and getting Google Adsense approval on the blog. Since then everyone is trying to know what is a blog and blogging. What is the purpose of creating

If you have also heard about earning money by creating a blog and you want to know about the blog then through this article, We are providing you with information about what is a blog.

What is a Blog?

The blog is only a type of website, it is a medium to convey ideas and knowledge to the people.

The purpose of creating a blog is to provide information to people. By creating a blog, a person starts writing on it according to his interest. He also posts regular posts on his blog or posts at intervals of a few days.

In addition to words, photos and links are also used inside the blog. Apart from this, videos are also included in the blog. By clicking on the link present inside the blog, a person can easily access the other contents of the blog. Let us tell you that the one who writes the article i.e. the content on the blog is called the blogger, and writing the blog is called blogging.

What is the purpose of creating a blog?

There is not only one but many purposes behind creating a blog and every person have his own purpose in creating a blog.

Some people create blogs to promote their business and put their business information on them. While some people create blogs for the purpose of earning money and writing useful content for people on it. 

So most individual people in India create blogs for the purpose of earning money and their wish is to start earning money from their blogs as soon as possible.

And that’s why he applies for Google Adsense after writing the content because only after getting the approval of Adsense, the advertisement starts showing on his blog and it is considered very important for earning. From here you can read what it takes to become a blogger.

Types of blog

Below we have discussed different types of blogs in front of you.

1. Personal Blog

This type of blog is not made to target a particular audience. But mostly this type of blog is designed to make people aware of their ideas or the information available to them. On this type of blog, a blogger starts writing on any subject because every blogger’s interest is in a different subject.

2. Personal Brand Blog

Blogging presents this type of blog as a brand to a blogger and they present themselves as an expert in their area. Such as a teacher, leader, or speaker. In general, these types of blogs are based on a particular subject. Apart from this, they are also based on coaching, mentoring, and personality development. Useful e-books are also uploaded on this type of blog for people and the main purpose of this type of blog is to establish a good relationship with its audience.

3. Corporate Blog

The purpose of corporate blogs is to increase the traffic of the blog for any product and service and their purpose behind doing this is to know more and more customers about their business and increase the sales of their product or else. Whatever he sells, his sales increase.

4. Personal Service Blog

This type of blog is created with this purpose so that they can discuss the service they are providing in the business and let us also tell you that this type of local service for garden care, dog walking, and babysitting Blogs prove to be very important.

5. Repair Service Blog

If any service is provided by any person/company, then he creates this type of blog and he tells people about his service. In this type of blog, mainly services like home care, and furniture repair are told so that people who need it can contact the employee/company through the blog and get their service. The chances of this type of blog being successful are highest when the local audience starts reaching.

6. Niche Blog

Niche means topic which is called the issue in Hindi. As an example, if a person has good knowledge about health and he prepares his blog on health, then this type of blog is called a low blog. Below we have given you examples of some low blogs.

  • Finance
  • Sports
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Business
  • WordPress
  • Food
  • Writing
  • Cars
  • Music

We have seen that blogs that are based on Niche are mostly successful because a certain audience comes to this type of blog. Let us tell you that the blogs on which articles related to different topics are posted are called multi-niche blogs.

7. Affiliate Blog

Articles are put on this type of blog to tell people about a product or service. And generally, on this type of blog, a product review or tutorial is presented and people are given information. Along with this, the affiliate link of the product is also given in the last, by clicking on which the person can buy that product. If the person buys the goods from the affiliate link, then the owner of the blog also gets some commission behind the goods.

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