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How To Make Money From Blogging 10 Ways To Make Money 2022

Let's talk about How To Make Money From Blogging. Here we are going to tell you 10 ways to earn money from blogging.

We have seen that many people go to the internet to find how to make money from blogging and keep searching for this. And most of the information you find available on the Internet is completely false information. But if you really want to earn money from blogging, then today we will tell you how to earn money from blogging

Earning money on the Internet is not a big deal, everyone can earn it. But to earn money you should know a good platform from where you can earn money easily. And that platform is blogging. Yes, you can easily earn money from blogging.

So let us now tell you How To Make Money From Blogging. Here we are going to tell you 10 ways to earn money from blogging. But before that let us know what is a blog and how to make a blog.

What is a Blog?

Many times thoughts may come to your mind or you may remember some of your experiences, then when you write these thoughts and experiences on a website, it is called a blog. This means that through a blog you can easily write your thoughts.

Every person is interested in a different topic and wants to write something of his choice, in the same way, you can also write on your favorite topic on the blog. For example, if you have knowledge about beauty and health, then you can write about it or if you have knowledge about cooking then you can also write about cooking.

If you have knowledge of something, then you can write a blog on it too. Meaning you can create a blog on any topic and start writing on it and earn money from it. 

When you think of blogging, then what is your age for it does not matter at all. There is no age limit for writing a blog. You can start blogging at any age.

What is Blogging?

Now the question must have come to your mind what is blogging after all. So you do not need to worry because we are telling you about what is blogging.

If you write something on your blog every day and then publish that article on the blog. Doing this daily is called blogging. Now you can tell anyone that you do blogging. Now you must have understood what blogging is. 

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what is the purpose of blogging

By the way, people can have many purposes for blogging. But here we will tell you some of the main purposes due to which people start writing blogs. 

  1. Some people do blogging to share their experiences and ideas with people.
  2. Some people do a blog to earn money.
  3. Some people do blogging to earn a name and become famous in the online world.

Now that you know the purpose of blogging, then let us now tell you about what is a blogger.

How to make a blog for free

10 ways to earn money from a blog 

  1. earn money from Google Adsense

When you start writing your blog, after publishing some articles, traffic starts coming to your blog. After getting a little traffic, you can apply for Google Adsense. 

Once your Google Adsense is approved, then Google allows you to place ads on your blog and whenever someone clicks on your ads, Google pays you for it. This is considered the first and easiest method.

  1. Make money from Affiliate Marketing

This is considered to be the second easiest method. You can also earn money from blogs through affiliate marketing. For this, you have to join the affiliate program of Amazon or Flipkart.

Then you have to select any product and create a link to it and put it on your blog. Now whenever a reader buys something by clicking on that link on your blog, you will get his commission.

  1. earn money from the ad network

If for some reason your google ads network is not approved, then you can also earn money by using any other ad network. 

Apart from Google Adsense, you can use Many people are also earning good money by using this ad network. You can also earn money using it.

  1. Earn Money From Sponsor Post

When your blog starts running well, that is, traffic starts increasing on it, then you start getting mail from the company or other bloggers. 

He sends you in the mail by writing that you sponsor his post. So you can also earn money by sponsoring their company’s post. 

  1. earn money by giving any service

If you have any skill then you can earn money by giving its service. But for this, you need to have skills. If you have knowledge about blogging then you can give a blogging service.

There are many people who give the service of SEO to their readers and charge some money from them. If you also know SEO, then you too can earn money by giving SEO services.

  1. earn money by selling ebook

You will be surprised to know that you can also sell ebooks. Many people are earning a lot of money by selling ebooks on their blogs. You can earn too.

For this, you have to write an ebook on any topic but you must have complete knowledge of that topic. Once you write an ebook and put it on your blog, then any person can buy it. and gives you money in return.

  1. earn money by selling courses

These days everyone is launching their own course. And the best course in digital marketing. If you want, you can make and sell a course on digital marketing.

If you do not have knowledge about digital marketing, then you can also create this course by hiring someone and selling it through your blog.

  1. earn money from the guest post

Bloggers also earn money from guest posts. If good traffic comes to your blog then other bloggers contact you and ask for guest posts.

So you can charge them some money for giving guest posts on your blog. And those people easily agree with it. So you can earn well in this way also.

  1. Earn Money by Paid Promotion

If you want, you can also earn money by doing paid promotions on your blog. For this, you can promote any youtube channel or any app on your blog.

When the traffic on your blog increases, YouTubers contact you to promote their channel and you can make money from them in return.

  1.  Earn Money With URL Shortner

If you want to give any download link on your blog then you can use URL Shortner and earn money from it.

There are many such websites that provide you the service of URL Shortner and in return, you also pay for it. 

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