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What Are Meta Tags? Let's Know All About Meta Tags

What are Meta Tags Blogging on the Internet has become a very good means of earning money. But there are many new bloggers who are unaware of some important things related to blogging. Such as Meta Tags, a word whose name is known to all bloggers.

 Meta Tags when, where are they used? Confused about it. If you are also confused about Meta Tags Word. So now you do not have to worry at all. Because today we are going to tell you what are Meta Tags in this article of ours? And going to give other important information related to it. So let’s know

Meta Tags

SEO is most important to rank the articles published on the website. The same Meta Tag is very important to do SEO. There are keywords related to the Meta Tag Article. Which works to bring the article to the search engine. That’s why it is necessary to add Meta Tags to the blog. What are the rest of the Meta Tags? They are something like this –

  1. Blog Title Name
  2. Blog Description
  3. Blog country
  4. Blog author
  5. Blog language

How to create Meta Tags?

What are Meta Tags? You have already learned about this above. Rest now how you can create Meta Tage. You can know about it one by one below –

Title Name

Writing the title and name of the blog is very important for SEO. But remember that when you keep Blog Title Name, keep it only for 20 to 30 words.

Author Name

For whose blog is it, it is very important to write the author’s name. Therefore, if you have a blog in Author Name, then definitely write your name.


Subject means it is necessary to give information about which topic your blog is on. So that the user can know about which subject you give information on your blog. So that’s why in Subject, on which subject your blog is on, definitely give information about it.


Blog Description is very important for SEO. Therefore, definitely write about the blog in the blog description.


Must write Blog Topic in Blog Keyword. This makes the blog search quicker. Talk about Blog keywords, Make Money, SEO Tips, etc.


In which language have you created your blog? Do give his information. For example, if your blog is in the Hindi language then select the Hindi language.

How to Add Meta Tags to Blog?

There are different ways to add meta strong in Wardress and Blog. Below we have told you how to tag me in Blogger’s blog.

  • First of all, you have to login into Blogger.
  • After logging in, go to the Blog’s Password.
  • Now you have to click on Template and click on Edit HTML.
  • Now you have to find the head here and paste the copied Meta Tags code under the head.
  • After pasting Meta Tags, save it in the template.
  • In this way you add Meta Tags to Blog will be saved.

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