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How to get Free Stock Images for Blog Post and YouTube

How to get the image for the blog which is copyright free? Many people ask me this question. So today we will talk about that.

How to get the image for the blog which is copyright free? Many people ask me this question. So today we will talk about that. It takes a lot of hard work to make a career in blogging and earn money. It is important to understand every little basic thing related to this and it is also important to use them on your blog.

Apart from things like SEO, Backlinks, and Google Adsense, there is one more thing that makes our blog more attractive and that is the image. It is very important to use images in blogging. You go to google and open any blog, whether that blog is in Hindi or in English, you will definitely see the image in the article on every page of that blog.

By using good and high-quality images on your blog, visitors are more attracted to our blog. But the same question arises in the mind of every blogger where do we download images for the blog and how to use them in our blog.

Because we will easily find millions of images on Google, but we cannot use them on our blog because they are copyrighted images. If we use a copyrighted image on our blog, then the owner of that image can file a case on our blog and our website can also be banned.

To save our blog from being closed forever, we need to download the image from the right place, which we can get absolutely free. Yes, friends, there are many such websites on the internet that have eased the difficulties of bloggers like us because they provide us the best images for free.

What is that website, I am going to tell you in this article today, from which you will get the answer from where to get the free stock image for a blog post?

Best Websites to Download Image for Blog

As I have already said that there is a great need for images in blogging, without images visitors will not like to read the article of your blog much. Because the beauty of our blog increases only because of the images, which also increases the chances of getting more visitors.

That's why I have told you here about the best websites to download free stock images for your blog post, using which you can easily keep images in your blog.

1) Unsplash

This is a great website to download images for Unsplash Blog. Here you get all the images of high resolution.

If you subscribe to its newsletter, then you will get 10 images in your email every 10 days and all its images come under the CC0 license. This means that you can make these images as you want.

2) Flickr

Flickr is a very popular website from which images can be searched and downloaded for free. Millions of good images are easily found on this website according to the content of our blog.

You will get any type of image from this website because thousands of photographers from all over the world upload their captured photos on this website every day.

You will not even need to open an account to download images from Flickr. The Flickr app is also available for smartphones, so anyone can install it on their mobile from the play store.

3) Stock Snap

This is one of the best ways to get the most beautiful and high-quality images from the StockSnap website.

Without anyone's permission, you can download millions of images from here and use them on your blog and there is no problem with copyright images here at all. Every week more than 100 photos are uploaded to this website.

4) Pixabay

The Pixabay website is a site created by a community of photographers from all over the world, where these photographers have not uploaded high-quality images. This is my favorite website.

A category has been created here where a collection of different images has been kept in the name of different photographers. You can download and use all these images for free.

5) Pexels

On Pexels you get high-quality and completely free stock photos for use with the Pexels license. They have thousands of stock photos and new free photos are uploaded every day.

Pexels is more popular among Web and App Designers. These pictures are uploaded from a variety of free image sources so that you only get the best images.

6) DesignersPics

The DesignersPics website has been created by an Indian blogger Jeshu John and he has picked up all the images found on this website.

And this website provides us images for free to use in our blog. More than 4000 visitors come to this website every day and download high-resolution images.

7) SplitShire

SplitShare is a very good website to download free images which have been created by a web designer, his name is Daniel Nanescu.

All its photos are very attractive which you can use for personal or professional purposes.

8) Picjumbo

On the Picjumbo website, you will find many category images for free such as fashion, nature, technology, food, animals, and many more. The photos on this website are of very good quality which you can use for your blog.

Every day many photos are uploaded to this website and there will be no need to register in any way to download the image. There is also an option to share the photos of this website with your friends on the social networking site.

9) Morgue File

Morgue File is a website where a professional photographer or any other person can upload their images so that other people can use them for their work. That's why this website has a collection of more than 300,000 images.

There is a special thing about this website that here you can edit the image before downloading and you can download all the images here for free.

10) Jay Mantri

From the Jay Mantri website, you will get pictures of beautiful and spectacular views from different places around the world, which you can use in your projects or personal activities.

Seven new images are added to this website every week and here you will not get the option to search you can scroll down and choose the image according to your need and download it for free.

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