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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Video Games

These are mainly designed to attract children and teenagers. A computer game is a computer controlled game where players play with objects displayed on the screen for entertainment.

A video game is essentially a form of entertainment, but refers not only to games played on personal computers, but also to games played by a console or arcade machine.

The term "video game" also includes games that display only text or that use other methods such as sound or vibration as their primary feedback device or controller (console games) or a combination of the above .

We live in a decade where the video game industry is one of the richest and growing industries in the world. Younger generations are adversely affected by computers and technologies. The gaming industry is also a big factor in shaping the minds of young people.

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Quick List Of  Advantages And Disadvantages Of Video Games

  • Improves reflex and IQ
  • Better Basic Visualization
  • better executive functioning
  • brain health improvements
  • aggressive thoughts
  • socially isolated
  • adverse health issues
  • parental concerns

Advantages of Video Games

Improves reflex and IQ

Studies have proven that playing video games improves players' reflexes in many aspects. It has also made gamers better surgeons. The fact is that those who played video games for 3 hours a day performed well as being laparoscopic (small incision) specialists 32% accurately and effectively. Studies have also proved that people who are regular gamers have improved brain activity.

Better Basic Visualization Processes

Those who play 30 hours a week become more contract sensitive and able to distinguish difficult colors in combat than non-gamers. Test results showed that people who played video games showed improvements in vision.

Better executive functioning

Methodology refers to the ability to allocate mental capacity to individuals. Video games have improved attention and decision-making skills. Studies have proved that people who play video games are good at making better decisions. Often gamers are good at multi tasking.

Brain health Improvements

Video games increase the speed and ability of the brain to work. Now if you are a parent who thinks that video games are bad for your kids then think about these factors. Playing video games improves your children's mental fitness.

Disadvantages of Video Games

Video games have many positive effects as well as some negative ones, mostly health problems.

Aggressive thoughts and behavior

Studies by The American Psychological Association (APA) have proved that children exposed to violent games become more aggressive in thoughts and feelings. This resulted in several incidents.

This is mainly due to games that reward players more for being violent. Aggressive behavior in any way tends to inculcate immoral values.

Socially isolated

Lots of gaming players can take away social responsibilities and increase the chances of social isolation. Also, in the case of children, it can increase the lack of interest in household chores, outdoor games and engaging in social activities. It is dangerous to be alone even in the virtual world.

Adverse health issues

There are adverse health problems after addiction, video gaming. Heart attack risk, obesity, depression and addiction are some of them. These are not serious among children but adults know that they are dangerous. There are health risks for children such as video induced seizures, muscle and skeletal disorders, etc.

Parental concerns

The amount of violence in video games is a significant concern for parents. To help deal with this problem (when a child buys or rents games and plays) it is important to have a child monitor. If a child plays violent video games at the arcade or at another child's home, the difference between the game and reality should be discussed.

Common problems

Children often become very involved in video games and do not want to stop playing them. It is essential to set concrete limits about the amount of time that can be spent playing the game, and then enforce these limits.

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