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best adsense alternative for india in 2022

We have added our top Adsense alternatives to the list below as used and recommended by our own ad optimization team. Let's take a closer look at each

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for 2022 | Google's ad network, Adsense, is a market leader in ad monetization. Almost every successful publisher uses AdSense, or at least starts with it and moves on to Ad Exchange. However, what do you do when you can't use the network to monetize your traffic?

Maybe you haven't been approved for AdSense, or you're busy appealing an account ban for invalid click activity, or you want to load your ad stack to increase revenue. Whatever the reason, all is not lost. Adsense may be the leader in the market, but there are many competitors and Google Adsense alternatives that can provide good eCPM and supplement the advertising revenue.

We have added our top Adsense alternatives to the list below as used and recommended by our own ad optimization team. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

When it comes to making money from your website or blog, it is all about placing ads on your website. If you were asked to name a go-to contextual advertising platform, would your answer be Google AdSense? If yes, then you are not alone. Google AdSense is a big player in contextual advertising. The platform provides a way for publishers to monetize their online content and traffic by making it relatively easy for publishers to display relevant contextual ads on their websites.

Since its launch in 2003, Google AdSense has been successful in garnering millions of active users. Despite the apparent success of the platform, it has its limitations.

AdSense is known for being best suited for small websites or blogs, which is not ideal if you are trying to grow or expand rapidly. Getting approved to set up a Google AdSense account is not easy, to say the least. On top of the difficult account approval process, Google AdSense lacks a variety of advertising and customization options. And there are many other criteria that Google looks at to see if your website is viable to be accepted into the Google AdSense program.

Best Adsense Alternatives That Gives You Good Money 2022

1. Amazon Associates Program

Of course, one of Google's biggest advertising competitors is Amazon, and their affiliate program has made a big leap into the mainstream over the past few years. Amazon originally invented the affiliate program and has been leading the game since 1998. 

Therefore, with an affiliate program, you don't get ads in the traditional way, but rather links in ads through links in your content. Let's say you were writing a book review, you could link the book for someone to purchase yourself, and you would receive a commission from the sale. The more people buy through your link, the more money you make.

Of course, Amazon has a huge list of products to choose from and a huge customer base that already trusts Amazon as a distributor and seller. Signing up for the Associates program is easy, and you can even ask people to put products in your basket for 90 days, and you'll still receive a cut!

2. Infolinks

Infolinksis one of the leading experts in in-text advertising. With Infolinks, you can create impressive video and banner ads.

Used by over 100,000 websites and blogs worldwide and operating in over 128 countries, including some of the major brands such as Netflix, Virgin Airlines, Netflix and many more, Infolinks maximizes engagement on any website. Makes it easy to monetize and not ruin the style of your website.

There are plenty of ad types to choose from that are also updated regularly, so you know they're only displaying the most relevant and up-to-date content. All you have to do is post the HTML code to your website, and you're good to go!

3. propeller ads

Propeller Advertising is used by over 150,000 publishers worldwide and has been serving these sites for over eight years. Propeller Ads takes special care to ensure that you don't get any spammy looking ads by providing a unique 24-hour moderation service.

This leaves you with only legitimate, relevant ads, and has the potential to overtake even most ad blockers. This can easily increase your revenue by 20%. Simply visit the website, sign up for an account, and then start pasting your shortcodes into your website to start making money.

4. Adversal

Adversal is another easy-to-use ad-serving platform that lets you set up native ads in a matter of minutes. The platform has an intuitive interface, making it easy for you to start, pause and pause your advertising campaigns.

Adversal allows you to add video, display and native ads to your website or blog. There is also a default tag management system that filters ads and prevents various frauds.

Keep in mind that you need to have at least 50,000 page views per month to start an advertising account. Also, your site must have its own domain name to be eligible.

5. Taboola Native Advertising

Taboola feed Easily one of the most popular alternative advertising platforms, Taboola is one of the most widely used platforms that provides 100% fill rates across any geographic location and includes promoted product listings, in-feed units There are many fancy features including customizable widgets. , and many more.

The three main places you can use this effectively are using Google's 'Sponsored' search field, on social media and networking websites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Type) and then on your personal website. Everything is controlled from a central dashboard, but there's a minimum pageview of 500,000 if you want to get started.

6. is a leader in contextual advertising and a major competitor to Google AdSense. It's a Yahoo! and Bing contextual advertising network which is employed by bloggers and website owners across the world.'s biggest advantage over Google AdSense is its high revenue per thousand impression rate (RPM). is targeted through keyword search terms. This technique contributes to highly relevant ads and prompts more clicks. Another major advantage of is that it allows you to access Yahoo! and the Bing network. Plus, the platform gives you access to a network of customers, allowing you to increase your advertising revenue and take advantage of a thriving search market.

Another advantage of is its various design options. You can customize the ad layout so that they fit the color theme of your website.

7. pop ads

Popunder is a general term for the pop-up ads you see on the Internet in all their different and different forms, and PopAds, as you can probably imagine, is a fast-growing vendor that lets you do this. Helps to create, manage and profit in kind. advertisement. The service has been around since 2010, giving them over a decade of experience in the advertising industry that you can take advantage of.

You only need 1,000 visitors a month to sign up, and you'll receive a minimum of $4.00 to reach this limit. However, you can withdraw your money to an AlterPay or PayPayl account at any time, and each ad cost is based on a per-impression basis, meaning you get paid every time a user views an ad! Easy!

8. adcash

Adcash (not to be confused with Addcash) is another well-known advertising service platform. The platform helps 200 million active users increase their conversions and app installs.

Adcash allows you to add different types of ads, from pop-under ads to standard display ads. Worldwide coverage is another edcash advantage. The platform serves ads for 196 countries, which means that even if your website is located outside the US, you can monetize your content and traffic with respect to your geographic location.

Another advantage you will get is Adcash's anti adblock technology. This means that website visitors with an ad blocker enabled will still see ads on your website or blog. This happens because Adcash manages to bypass ad blockers to increase your earnings.

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